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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Autumn Season 2013

When the aristocratic and gentle Madame Ranevskaya returns home following a prolonged trip to Paris, she is faced with crippling debts and the potential loss of her beloved Cherry Orchard estate. Unable to accept and find a response to the harsh realities of the present, she becomes lost in the past whilst her ambitious former serf, Lopakhin, has other ideas in mind.

The conflict from which the play begins is intense; the Gayev family is being broken apart by powerful forces forces rooted deep in history and in the society around them Michael Frayn

Dunyasha - Rowan Lark
Lopakhin - Christopher Finnegan
Yepikhodov - Eric Bridgwater
Firs - Elliot Pizer
Anya - Eve Shotton
Ranyevskaya - Anna Herzog
Charlotta Ivanovna - Sian Morgan
Varya - Sophie Ormond
Gayev - Alex Phelps
Simenov-Pischik - Jordan Turk
Yasha - Max Sterne
Trofimov - Joseph Daniel-Taylor
Company - Layton Daws, Simon Pothecary

175 Anniversary

This event is one of 175 publically accessible events and exhibitions taking place in the UK and overseas throughout 2013 to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Manchester School of Art. Find out more...