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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Autumn Season 2012

The Libertine tells the story of the Earl of Rochester, friend and confidant of Charles II and the most notorious rake of his age. He was an anti-monarchist Royalist, an atheist who converted to Christianity and a lyric poet who reveled in pornography. The play centres on the moment his cynicism is confounded when he falls in love in earnest.

Self-consciously theatrical, bawdy and highly thought provoking, this play contemplates the vibrancy and decadence of the Restoration age.

John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester - Rory Thomas
George Etherege, a playwright - Ethan Holmes
Charles Sackville, Earl of Dorset and Middlesex / Harry Harris, an actor - Max Henry-Walsh
Billy Downes, a young spark - Assad Zaman
Jane, a prostitute - Sarah Allen
Molly Luscombe, a stage manager / Mrs Will Ufton, a coffee house proprietor - Elisha Michael-Sesay
Tom Alcock, a serving man - Barry Hall
Elizabeth Barry, an actress - Helen Burnell
Elizabeth Malet, a country wife - Georgia Neville
Charles II, a monarch - Simon Jenkins

Playgoers, whores, clients etc played by members of the company

Designer: Lara Booth

The Libertine (2012) (2012) / 1
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