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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Autumn Season 2012

Sorry, all performances are now sold out

Following the death of her husband, the powerful and uncompromisingly domineering Bernada Alba enforces a prolonged and strict period of mourning on her household and her five daughters. Frustrated by their mother's tyrany and envious of the eldest daughters forthcoming marriage to the eligible Pepe el Romano, the women become entangled in in a web of jealousy, spite and suppressed sexual tension the consequences of which prove devastating!

The House of Bernarda Alba combines an allegorical attack on the Fascism that was taking over Spain in 1936 with a searingly sad view of what can happen when passions are repressed under the guidance of a strong religion.
Philip Fisher: British Theatre Guide (2005)

Bernarda - Ottilie Mackintosh
Maria Josefa - Georgia Neville
Augustias - Arushka Pollard
Magdalena - Alexa Morden
Amelia - Helen Burnell
Martirio - Emma Romy-Jones
Adela - Holly Fishman Crook
Poncia - Bethan Caddick
Maid/Prudencia - Sarah Allen

Company - Charlotte Jacobs, Hayley Gowland, Louise Bloor, Mabel Wright, Elisha Michael-Sesay

Designer: Olivia du Monceau