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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Spring Season 2012

Jim Cartwright's angry yet funny play takes a penetrating look at Thatcher's Britain in the mid 1980s. Populated by a colourful cast of characters ranging from the very young to the elderly, the setting takes us to a world of social injustice, dysfunctional families, unemployment and lost hope. The interwoven stories and network of troubled relationships prove shocking, poignant, amusing and thought provoking.

Scullery - Jack Coen
Brenda, Molly, Mrs Bald - Laura Mould
Carol, Clare, Dor - Amanda Clapham
Louise, Lane - Sinéad Parker
Brink, Soldier, Bald - Sam Lunn
Eddie, Skin-Lad, Curt, Bisto - Adam Dyche
Barry, Eddie's Dad, Professor, Brian - Umar Malik
Helen, Scotch Girl, Linda - Zoe Conley
Brother, Jerry, Joey, Tom Stanley - Séan Aydon
Valerie, Marion, Chantal - Kate Dobson

Designer: Andrew Wood

Road (2012) (2012) / 1