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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Spring Season 2012

Probably the most naturalistic of Brecht's plays, Fear and Misery of the Third Reich offers a series of vignettes that allow for a glimpse into the harsh realities of life in Nazi Germany during the 1930s. Neatly woven so as to create a multi-faceted whole, the play captures the sense of paranoia, deception, fear and betrayal that came to characterize one of the most challenging periods in 20th Century European History.

Sc.1 Old Man, Sc. 9 The Woman, Sc. 13 Gentleman from Office, Sc.18 Marie Erin Bolens
Sc.2 The Woman, Sc.11 The Daughter, Sc 15 The Wife Sc.19 The First Woman Amy Cameron
Sc.3 The Maidservant, Sc.10 The Boy, Sc. 11 The Mother, Sc 19 The Butcher's Wife, Sc.24 The Woman Esmé Lowe
Sc.3 The Cook, Sc. 8 X, Sc 13 Woman Worker, Sc.16 Young Woman, Sc 19 The Second Woman Lowenna Melrose
Sc. 6 The Usher, Sc. 8 Y, Sc.10 The Maidservant, Sc. 13 The Announcer, Sc.18 The Farmer's Wife Katie Norris
Sc.6 The Maidservant, Sc.10 The Wife, Sc. 16 The Old Woman, Sc. 19 The Dairywoman Helen Aluko
Sc. 1 SS Officer 1, Sc.6 Judge, Sc.13 The Old Worker Sc. 18 The farmer Will Finlason
Sc. 1 SS Officer 2, Sc. 6 Inspector, Sc.13 The Worker, Sc. 16 2nd SA Man, Sc. 19 A Petit-Bourgeois Lucas Smith
Sc. 2 The Man, Sc 6 The Prosecutor, Sc.15 The Man, Sc. 18 Toni Tom Blake
Sc. 3 SA Man, Sc 9 The Husband, Sc. 13 The SA Man, Sc. 24 The Young Worker Sam Coulson
Sc. 3 The Chauffeur, Sc.6 The Senior Judge, Sc.15 The Released Man, Sc.19 The Young Fellow Jason Callender
Sc. 3 The Worker, Sc. 10 The Man, Sc. 16 1st SA Man Sc. 24 Older Worker Joel Daffurn

Designer: Elizabeth Wright

Fear and Misery of the Third Reich (2012) (2012) / 1