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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Autumn Season 2011

'Promiscuous, pitiless and bored, six sexually entangled medical students restlessly wander in and out of a boarding house, cramming, drinking, taunting, spying. Freder sets about savagely experimenting with the young, pretty maid with half an eye on his former lover Desiree, a wild disillusioned aristocrat. Petrell abandons Marie for the ruthless underdog Irene. Marie doesn't waste any time weeping - Desiree wants her.

Bourgeois existence or suicide. There are no other choices.'

– Faber and Faber

Petrell - Umar Malik
Alt - Adam Dyche
Desiree - Zoe Conley
Marie - Lowenna Melrose
Irene - Esmé Lowe
Lucy - Kate Dobson
Freder - Sam Coulson