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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Spring Season 2011

A sparkling and fast moving adaptation of a great and much loved Dickens masterpiece!

A terrifying encounter with an escaped convict forever changes the life of the orpahned Pip. Turning his back on his humble beginnings as a blacksmith's apprentice, he strives to better himself and become a gentleman, unaware of the hidden dangers that await him.

Nick Hern Books

This is certainly no mere scissors-and-paste version of the novel. As we follow Pip's transition from orphaned boy of the Kent marshes to blacksmith's apprentice to would-be gentleman, we get something of the book's guilt-haunted flavour.

The Guardian

Pip - Cliff Myatt
Mrs Joe - Rebecca Letford
Magwitch - Darrell Davy
Joe Gargery - Max Calandrew
Herbert Pocket - Sam Lupton
Pumplechook/Compeyson - Elliot Knight
Mr Wopsle/Orlick/Chorus - Hugh Saffrey
Mr Hubble/Drummle/Chorus - Oliver Devoti
Mrs Hubble/Chorus - Natasha McClure
Biddy - Alice Rose
Estella - Rebecca Jane Gleeson
Miss Havisham - Rachel Louise Caffrey
Jaggers - Kevin Lennox
Wemmick - Tyron Maynard
Molly/Chorus - Blaire Harthern

Designer: Kate Driver