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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Summer Season 2010

Matinee Performance: Thursday 3rd June at 2.30pm

A Comedy Double Bill Presentation

Misunderstanding, Miscommunication and Murder…Richard Harris's Albert is a cocktail of hilarious confusion and chaos!

Joe Orton's re-working of The Bacchae, The Erpingham Camp offers a hysterical portrait of a group of sturdy English folk respectably pleasuring themselves at a 1950s holiday camp. Finding themselves subjected to the influence of a group of redcoats and their demonic and dictatorial manager, they have no option but to cast aside their conventional habits and liberate themselves!


Karin - Chantelle Dean
Nico - Benjamin Ireland
Albert - Tom Florek

Erpingham Camp

Erpingham - John Bradley
Riley - Joe Hughes
Lou - Emma Matthews
Ted - Neil Gregor
Eileen - Rose-Marie Hardy
Kenny - Will Tither
Padre - Dominic Vulliamy
W.E.Harrison - Chris Thomson
Jessie Mason - Chantelle Dean
Redcoats and Campers - Victoria Bewick, James Adler, Danielle Richards, Claire Harry, Indranyl Singharay