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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Spring Season 2009

Matinee Performance on the 4th March at 2.30pm

When a group of guests gather for Lea and Nico’s wedding, the celebration becomes the focal point for a series of fragmented and interwoven personal stories. What is about the past that both unites and separates the assembled guests?

Set in the 1970s and originally staged in Amsterdam in 1982, The Wedding Party offers a contemplation of the guilt and anxiety experienced by the second generation of Jewish war victims.

Sketching her characters with few words and a wry humour, Judith Herzberg proves a genius at suggesting backgrounds and at weaving many different threads together at the same time.

Lea, the bride - Nicola Day
Nico, the groom - Jonathan Benjamin
Simon, Lea’s father - Edward Toll
Ada, Lea’s mother - Cheralene Lavery
Zwart, Nico’s father - Matthew Stead
Duifje, Nico’s stepmother - Danielle Munday
Alexander, Lea’s first husband - Christopher Ranson
Dory, Nico’s first wife - Caitlin Thorburn
Hans, Nico’s friend - Ashley Gerlach
Riet, Lea’s war mother - Rosamund Hine
Daniel, Simon and Ada’s guest - Ben Trebilcock
Pien, secretary at a music academy - Harriet Barrow
Janna, Young working student - Faustine Zweigenbaum
Henrick, working student - Ryan Cerenko