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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Summer Season 2008

A new spirit of philosophical and religious enquiry is growing in 12th century France. In its vanguard is the brilliant Peter Abelard, a man of great learning, independence of mind and sensuality... But when Abelard starts a wild affair with his equally brilliant but disastrously connected student Heloise, his enemies find just the pretext to destroy him.

First performed in 2006 at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, In Extremis explores the relationships between logic and religion, humanism and fundamentalism, faith and power.

Hugh O'Shea - Abelard
Lucy Benson-Brown - Heloise
Ryan Greaves - Bernard of Clairvaaux
Paul Osborne - Fulbert
Hazel Ann Crawford - Denise
Peter Phillipson - William of Champeaux
Phillip Maxwell - Louis VI
Leon Tagoe - Alberic
Richard Hand - Lotholf
Sarah Amankwah - Helene/Woman 1
Kate Sefton - Marie/Nun/Whore/Courtier
Nichola Greenhalgh - Francine/Courtier/Nun/Woman 2
Sophia Hatfield - Berthode/Woman/Nun

Designer: Steph Warden