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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Autumn Season 2003

In The Man Of Mode we are introduced to the world of Dorimant, his lovers, his friends, servants and other acquaintances. We follow his life as he plots and strives to win the approval of "the town" and to conform to the peculiar values of being "a man of sense".

In the middle of his machinations he meets Harriet with whom he falls deeply in love as she does with him. At first he ignores what is happening to him but by the end of the play, the way is open for him to live another kind of life. We can only guess whether he can take this opportunity

David Leverton - Dorimant
David Golding - Medley
Owain Rose - Old Bellair
Alan Neal - Young Bellair
James Patterson - Sir Fopling Flutter
Kate Trafford - Lady Townley
Cathy Shiel - Emilia
Johanne Webb - Mrs Loveit
Semira Ghahhary - Belinda
Annie Wallace - Lady Woodvil
Victoria Bolt - Harriet
Pamela Fabre - Pert
Hannah Cowan - Busy
Andrew Rosser - Shoemaker
Anna Baatz - Orangewoman
Ian Travis - Handy / Mr Smirk

The Man of Mode (2003) (2003) / 1