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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Summer Season 2003

In the early years of the century, Russians of every social class were beginning to see the onset of a great upheaval. Gorky's mighty naturalistic masterpiece shows us a diverse group of Russians meeting each year, at their summer holiday retreat. Some are frightened at the prospect of change, some are angry and some yearn for a new life. As they question the value of their work their art and leisure, they're shocked by the response their disputes reveal. Relationships break under the strain and scandals of business and infidelity are laid bare.

Peter Barich - Basov
Helen Wildeman - Varvara
Sarah Quintrell, Karen Warbey - The Basov Sisters
John Lowry - Vlas
Krista Tuchscherer - Sasha
Simon Gayfer - Suslov
Katie Hocking - Yulia
Alan Drever - Dudakov
Sonya Moorhead - Olga
Christopher Hollinshead - Shalimov, Kropilkin
Daniel Wallace - Ryumin
Stephanie McGill - Maria Lvovna
Gordon Patrick Newell - Dvoetochie,Pustobaikin
Jonathan Baden - Samislov