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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Spring Season 2003

Wilde's delightful comedy concerns high society Victorian morals and hypocrisy. Lady Windermere discovers that her husband has been seeing a mysterious new woman who has moved into the area, called Mrs. Erlynne, who has a bad reputation amongst the society ladies of the town.

Feeling betrayed by her husband's behaviour she decides to respond favourably to Lord Darlington's advances towards her. However what she doesn't know is that Mrs. Erlynne is blackmailing her husband with a secret, which if became public would destroy his wife, emotionally as well as her reputation and good standing.

Peter Barich - Lord Windermere
Daniel Wallace - Lord Darlington
Simon Gayfer - Lord Augustus Lorton
John Lowry - Mr. Dumby
Christopher Hollinshead - Mr. Cecil Graham
Alan Drever - Mr. Hopper
Sarah Quintrell - Parker
Sara Uttley - Lady Windermere
Stephanie McGill - The Duchess of Berwick
Karen Warbey - Lady Agatha Carisle
Charlotte Peach - Lady Plymdale
Philippa Paget - Lady Stutfield
Krista Tuchscherer - Lady Jedburgh
Paris Petgrave - Mrs. Cowper-Cowper
Beth Fielding - Mrs. Erlynne
Helen Wildeman - Rosalie

Lady Windermere's Fan (2003) (2003) / 1