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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Spring Season 2002

Paul Hine - Helge
Sophie Wright - Else
Josh French - Christian
Paul Leeming - Michael
Claire Palmer - Helene
Louise Howells - Linda
Lisa Lapidge - Mette
Hans Morgeneyer - Grandfather
Hannah Gittos - Grandmother
Kenny Thomas - Gbatokai
David Donnellan
Joe Brownbridge - Michael & Mette's son
Gemma Faulkner
Cally McAllister - Michael & Mette's daughter
Mimi Beaufort-Spontin - Pia
Elianne Byrne - Michelle
Jonathan Barraclough - Lars
Ben Kewin - Kim
David Alexander - Helmut
Ben Toye - Uncle Leif
Claire Bleasdale - Aunt
Oliver Douglas - Bent
Cerrie Burnell - Bent's Wife
Jay Thomas - Poul
Liselore Woltering - Poul's Wife
Mo Zainal - Preben
Other Guests: Chris Hannon