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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Spring Season 2002

Christopher Fry calls this play "A Charade with Music" in which the characters play and dance under the twinkling lights of a winter garden. The same actor plays the twins Hugo and Frederic. Frederic is diffident, Hugo is fascinating and heartless. It is Hugo who sets the charade in motion. He deprecates his brother's love for Diana Messerschmann, who treats him like a dog, and he has Isabelle, a ballet dancer, come to the ball that evening, intending that she should make Frederic fall in love with her.

Oliver Douglas - Joshua
Mo Zainal - Hugo, Frederic
Louise Howells - Diana Messerschmann
Jay Thomas - Patrice Bombelles
Alexandra Btesh - Madame Desmortes
Cerrie Burnell - Capulet
David Alexander - Helmut
Jo Pridding - Isabelle
Claire Bleasdale - Isabelle's Mother

Ring Around the Moon (2002) (2002) / 1