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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Summer Season 2002

Attempts to describe her?
Attempts to destroy her?
Or attempts to destroy herself?

Is Anne the object of violence?
Or its terrifying practitioner?

Annie is so shrouded in mystery that perceptions of her range from terrorist to porn star to girl-next-door to a model of a new car. Is she friend, enemy, mercenary, Samaritan? Attempts to describe her could also be attempts to destroy her.

The sub-title for this play is "Sixteen Scenarios for the Theatre". It is a slice of theatre which takes fragments from life and slowly pieces them together. Each fragment is apparently enclosed, but they evoke a world of power and fear.

David Alexander
Claire Bleasdale
Franki Briers
Louise Howells
Mimi Beaufort-Spontin
Jay Thomas
Sophie Wright
Mo Zainal

Attempts On Her Life (2002) (2002) / 1
Attempts On Her Life (2002) (2002) / 2
Attempts On Her Life (2002) (2002) / 3
Attempts On Her Life (2002) (2002) / 4
Attempts On Her Life (2002) (2002) / 5
Attempts On Her Life (2002) (2002) / 6
Attempts On Her Life (2002) (2002) / 7
Attempts On Her Life (2002) (2002) / 8
Attempts On Her Life (2002) (2002) / 9

Photography by Annie Wallace.