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The Capitol Theatre is the performance space for students at the MMU School of Theatre.

Autumn Season 2001

David Alexander - Ghost, 3rd Player, Messenger
Jonathan Barraclough - Osric, Voltemand, Captain
Claire Bleasdale - 1st Player, Gravediggers Companion
Elianne Byrne - Guildenstern, Reynaldo, English Ambassador
Chris Hannon - King Claudius
Louise Howells - Horatio
Lisa Lapidge - Rosencrantz, Lord
Paul Leeming - Polonius
Hans Morgeneyer - Barnardo, Fortinbras, Prologue, Gentleman at Court
Yuriko Ogino - 2nd Player, Priest, Francisco, Cornelius
Jo Pridding - Ophelia
Jay Thomas - Hamlet
Ben Toye - Gravedigger, Marcellus
Sophie Wright - Queen Gertrude
Mo Zainal - Laertes

Non speaking roles played by: David Alexander Claire Bleasdale Lisa Lapidge Hans Morgeneyer Jo Pridding Mo Zainal Jonathan Barraclough Elianne Byrne Paul Leeming Yuriko Ogino Ben Toye

Hamlet (2001) (2001) / 1